Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, InterQuebec has the right options to complement your style. We offer a wide range energy-efficient windows that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® certification.

The classic casement window is a very popular choice for both design and functionality. It’s design allows for fresh air to enter and when closed provides air tightness for total comfort and security.

A bay window has three windows angled together, extending beyond the exterior wall. Bow windows curve more softly in an arch of four or five windows. Both styles offer gorgeous, unparalleled views of the outdoors.

The timeless design of the hung window has been combined to the current technologies for easy use and energy efficiency. Sliding windows glide open horizontally and are popular due to their low maintenance.

Innovative state of the art windows designed with European technology and craftsmanship. High quality systems coupled with energy efficient modern styling make perfect choice for the modern home.


Explore the full range of materials and options available, find inspiration and ideas in the design gallery or read about our installation warranty. In the section below, you will find expert advice and all the information you need to help you decide which front door, door glass or hardware is right for you.

PVC: Rigid pvc windows with thermally welded corners. Efficient multi-point lock –  adjustable hinges – sash opening at 90º – removable fiberglass screen – folding handle.

Hybrid: All the advantages of PVC plus corrosion and impact resistant finish – additional weatherstrip – operator with folding handle

Paint Program
Painted windows and grills are available. Ask our sales representatives for options.
Architectural shapes
Specialty windows of various shapes add character to your home.
Built to last
  • One piece frame enabling the glazing unit to be located in the insulated part of the wall, close to the natural air convection.
  • Sealed unit with 16mm air space for maximum efficiency.
  • High energy efficient triple weatherstripping integrated to the frame.
  • Multi-chamber profiles for an optimal thermal insulation.
  • All rigid PVC window thermally welded for a high level of air/water tightness and robustness.
  • Our experienced installers ensure superior durability and performance of your investment.
  • Professionally installed according to the highest industry’ standards
  • Doors and windows are always handled with care

With over 35 years, we have established a huge base of satisfied customers who continually rely on us to bring value and beauty to their home.

When you buy a door from InterQuebec, we want you to be completely satisfied. Depending on its application, whether it is an interior door, an entry door, a patio door or a garage door, InterQuebec offers its customers one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.


Installing new windows that are more energy efficient than your current windows can provide better thermal insulation and, as a result, increase the temperature of the inside glass of your window. This will result in less condensation on your windows. Here is everything you need to know about condensation: what causes it, how to reduce it and how to avoid thermal breakage.


Causes and Solutions


A Guide from SCHL


Thermal Breakage